Schimizzi Family Chiropractic



Megan Miller
Satisfied Patient

We love going to see Dr. Jason! He has helped with my daughter’s asthma. I notice a big difference in my kids after they are adjusted. 

Mike Czaja
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Schimizzi has helped our family many times. He is a wonderful doctor! 

Lorena Walker
Satisfied Patient

I had ribs out of place and a lot of back pain from having my son, but now my back is feeling much better after being adjusted a few times. Everyone is so friendly! I look forward to going back! 

Mary Randolph Bateman
Satisfied Patient

Can’t say enough about when a traditional doctor said there was nothing wrong, can’t find anything and you were able to correct the issues. He is AWSOME and knowledgeable. He has been VERY helpful with all of our athletic injuries. My family has been seeing him for over 6 years now and he corrects the issue EVERY time! Highly recommend!